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Compass Adjusting & Repairs Since 1964.

Eknes Instrument has been a trusted name in the marine industry for nearly sixty years, specializing in repairing and adjusting marine magnetic compasses for ships, ferries, tug boats, cargo ships and yachts. International and American magnetic compass requirements demand a properly adjusted standard magnetic compass. At Eknes Instrument, our experience and expertise ensure that your vessel's compass is functioning accurately and optimally.


Our Service Area

Eknes Instrument proudly serves the marine industry in the United States. We offer our services to ships, ferries, tug boats, cargo ships, and yachts. We service vessels along the western seaboard. 

California Ports including:

San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, & Oakland

Oregon Ports including:

Portland, and Port of Astoria

Washington Ports including:

Seattle, Olympia, Anacortes, Port Angeles, Puget Sound, Westport & Tacoma

Alaska Ports including:  

JuneauSitkaKetchikan, & Kodiak 

Hawaii Ports Including:

Maui, Honolulu

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