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Compass adjusting - Why?

A magnetic compass should always align steadily to the earth’s magnetic field, pointing to magnetic north. However, steel, electronic instruments or equipment, and even the type of cargo carried, can cause the compass needle to deviate from magnetic north.

Compass Adjustment is the necessary method of analyzing and compensating for these deviating forces.

Using traditional tools and correction methods,  we provide confirmation of gyro accuracy, and calibration and correction of magnetic compass deviation. We perform compass adjustments on all the different manufacturers and types of compasses.


Magnetic Compasses should be adjusted when;

  • The Compass is installed for the first time

  • Compass deviation have become unreliable, unpredictable or excessive

  • Repairs or structural alterations have been made to the ship that could affect its permanent and/or induces magnetism

  • Electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is added, removed or altered

  • The recorded deviations are excessive or when the compass shows physical detects


All magnetic compasses shall be swung and adjusted no less often than;

  • Every two years

  • After dry docking

  • After significant structural work


Compass Repairs


We are a Ritchie compass dealer.


We repair compasses of every brand and size in our repair facility. It is usually more cost effective to repair a compass, rather than a new replacement.

We carry a wide range of parts for most compasses and can repair your compass with a short turn around.

With many refurbished compasses on the shelf, we offer an exchange program and swap your compass out instantly. This works great for ships on tight schedules” We service and repair brands as Ritchie, Cassens & Plath, Dirigo, Danforth, Suunto - to list a few


Some signs of a needed repair:

  • Cracked dome

  • A bubble present or missing fluid.

  • A sticky or slow card.

  • Card not returning to the same heading.

  • Cloudy liquid present


Compass Installations

The installation of your compass is very important. If installed incorrectly, this could cause an unnecessary error known as an "A Error." This error creates deviation on every heading and is completely avoidable if installed by a professional.


  • We can work with you to spec, purchase and install the best compass  choice for the available space and type vessel.

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